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ello~ My name is Heather c: 18 Pisces girl with a rising sign Libra


Hematite and Rutile inside Quartz from Novo Horizonte, Brazil

(Source: auction3.mineral-auctions.com)

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Beautiful Butterfly Wing Jewellery For Sale Here Lovelies!

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Luna when she gets hot haha #socute #catsofinstagram 🔥☀🐾😻

Luna when she gets hot haha #socute #catsofinstagram 🔥☀🐾😻

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#socute  #catsofinstagram 
The other night

with Chris was amazing. I got to sleep in and mosey into cleaning up the room which I didn’t mind at all besides Luna underfoot. Took a dip in the bath with my BonBomb lush bath bomb with was lime and mango butter scented:) afterwards I painted my nails red~ sexy right? Put on wild of Wall Street while I wrapped my magnetic hematite for my chakra dream catcher project. Next is the carnelian piece. Chris even noticed that I smelled different when he got home from work which was nice of him. let’s just say he was excited to see me;) I made him dinner and tucked him in for another 5am work day the next morning. I kept talking to him which kept him up but I can’t ever help it! So I let him sleep while I went to jacks for a few then tried cleaning the kitchen but it got late so I ate frozen yogurt and crawled in next to him. Made the mistake of kissing him which woke him up for a second but hey at least it stopped the snoring for a few hehe grabbed my hippo and used Chris’s legs to warm my feet

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Magnetic hematite basket wrap is now finished🔮sushi lunch break ;D 🍚🍣🍜 #hematite #wirewrap #sushi #chinesefusiyum

Magnetic hematite basket wrap is now finished🔮sushi lunch break ;D 🍚🍣🍜 #hematite #wirewrap #sushi #chinesefusiyum

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#hematite  #sushi  #chinesefusiyum  #wirewrap